After returning checking in and clearing security, you are likely to find that you have a bit of extra time on your hands. This is especially true for those who allotted the recommended 30 minutes to return a hire car, only to find that the entire process just took a few minutes. If you have a few extra minutes, there are several shopping venues in the airport where you can bide your time.

The Airport Travel Value Shop is the main shopping outlet in Knock Airport. It is located in the departures area airside of security, so it is only accessible to outgoing ticketed passengers.


The entire shopping concourse covers more than 350 square metres. It deals in luxury items including designer fashion, jewellery, fragrances and electronics. You’ll also find souvenirs such as Guinness apparel, fine whiskeys and handmade chocolates. Reading materials are available from Eason’s books and magazine, which is part of the Airport Travel Value Shop.


This shopping complex also offers a free and convenient ‘Shop, Drop, Collect’ service for passengers. If you want to get your shopping out of the way, but would rather not haul your purchase along with you, you can make a purchase on your way out and pick it up on the other side of customs when you return. They’ll have it packaged and ready for you upon your return.


Landside of security, there is also an XL Newsagents outlet in the main concourse. You can purchase reading materials, traveller sundries, a range of snacks and beverages and National Lottery tickets. Also located here in the main concourse, the Knock Shrine Shop provides information and sells memorabilia and souvenirs related to the local sacred site.