Safety is a priority at Ireland West Airport. At some times, the strict security protocol enforced at the screening point may slow down the check-in process. However, there are steps that passengers can take to ensure that they get through the security gates as quickly as possible.


The most important way that you can prepare for the security screening is to pack your belongings carefully and with a purpose. Bear in mind that loose articles of clothing, such jackets and cardigans, will need to be removed and scanned separately. With this in mind, the less complicated your outfit, the faster you will be able to proceed.


When you actually pass through the checkpoint, the less metal you are wearing the better. Belts, loose change, wallets and mobile phones – all of which are likely to have metal components – need to be collected in placed on a tray to be scanned. The less metal you’re wearing, the faster you’ll proceed.


Finally, be mindful of the EU regulations concerning liquids, gels and pastes. These restrictions sometimes confused passengers, leading to items being confiscated by security personnel.


Whether dealing with liquids or items that are likely to set off the security scanner and slow down the screening process, the best policy is to leave as much in your checked baggage as possible. Only keep those items which you are sure you will need during the flight in your carryon bag.