Dealing with your luggage is going to dominate the first hour or so that you spend in the terminal at Knock. First, you’ll need to weigh and surrender the bags you intend to check into the hold. After this, you must allow your hand luggage to be scanned and potentially searched by security personnel.


When you are packing for your upcoming journey, take time to consider exactly which items you are going to use or need while you are on the plane. Whenever possible, liquids, sharps and items with metal components should be relegated to your checked bags. Failing to do so may lead to items being confiscated at the checkpoint.


Safety-related restrictions are determined by EU regulatory boards and the airport security team. Beyond this, specific restrictions vary from one airline to the next. If you are not sure whether you are allowed to bring a specific item on your flight, call your airline ahead of time for more information.


Remember that you are expected to physically remain with any luggage that has not been checked. Leaving bags unattended, even for just a few moments, may lead to them being collected and destroyed by security officials. Vigilance in this area is in everyone’s best interest.