Knock Airport mainly serves as a regional hub between Ireland and the UK. However, there are a few regularly scheduled flights to farther-out destinations – most within the EU.


Ireland is part of the EU, but an independent agreement with the UK establishing the Common Area has changed the way these two nations process international arrivals. For those accustomed to passing freely from one EU nation to another, the protocol in Ireland are slightly different, but no more restrictive.


Nationals of any EU nation are allowed to enter Ireland freely, however they must still pass through immigration and present a valid photo ID. Passports and national identity cards are both acceptable. There is no visa, nor are there are any restrictions on work or length of stay. UK nationals can enter freely but must present some sort of identification, such as a driver’s license.


Non-EU citizens must present a passport with at least three month’s validity. Many countries qualify for visa on arrival in Ireland. Stays of up to three months are usually on offer. The full list of visa requirements is available at the Irish Department of Foreign Affairs website.