There is ample parking available at Knock Airport for driving themselves to the airport. In all, there is space to accommodate more than 1,500 vehicles across short- and long-term facilities.


If someone is dropping you off or picking you up, they can park free for the first 15 minutes. Charges are then incurred hourly for the first four hours. After this, competitive daily and monthly rates are available.


When you pull into the car park, you will be issued a ticket that must be kept on your person rather than in your car. Before you exit the terminal, use this ticket at one of the parking pay stations in the terminal. Payment is not accepted at the exit barrier, so be sure to take care of this before you actually return to your car.


However, there is a special allowance those paying by credit card. When you enter the car park, you can insert a credit card into the machine at the entry barrier. Then, when you leave, insert the same card at the exit barrier to finalise your payment. The same credit card must be used upon entry and exit.