Officially known as Ireland West Airport Knock (NOC), Knock Airport is a regional hub that serves Connacht province and the greater region of north-west Ireland. This area is known for its rugged coastline as well as the Knock Shrine, which itself attracts more than 500,000 pilgrims to the region each year.


In all, more than 650,000 passengers pass through the terminal each year. A significant number of these are in the region expressly to see Knock Shrine. However, there is plenty of rugged countryside for visitors with cheap Knock Airport car hire to enjoy.


The airport sees relatively light throughput. However, it is well-outfitted with modern facilities and infrastructure. As a result, it is regularly awarded as the best airport in its class in Ireland. The terminal was also a recent recipient of capital grant money from the government, supplying funds to modernise facilities and boost safety and security.


Several airlines operate at Knock, and Ryanair leads the pack with the most regularly scheduled service. On top of this is a selection of seasonal and charter flights expanding the network from Knock.


Knock has a full set of passenger facilities, including wireless broadband Internet and exchange services. There are two restaurants in the terminal that are open to the public, and a third reserved for ticketed departing passengers. A large shopping complex is also in operation.


Nearby Knock Shrine put this region of Ireland on the map. It’s said that an apparition of the Virgin Mary, two saints and Jesus Christ appeared to worshippers in the late 19th century. About 100 years later, Pope John Paul II visited the shrine, sealing its significance as an international pilgrimage site.