The check-in desks at Ireland West Airport Knock are on the ground floor of the terminal building. As you enter through the main doors, you will see the tasks on the opposite wall of the main concourse, slightly to the left. Each airline has its own policy concerning passengers can check in. As a general rule, desks usually open two hours before the scheduled departure.


You can speed up your departures process by checking in online before you actually set out for the terminal. Then, once you have parked or dropped off your Knock Airport hire car, you can check your luggage and proceed directly to the security checkpoint. Bear in mind that passengers who check in online often feel less hurried and end up coming to the airport without enough time to actually make their flight. For this reason, everyone departing from Knock Airport is advised to show up at least 90 minutes before their scheduled departure regardless of how they plan to check in.


Passengers can carry one piece of hand luggage, and are permitted to carry an additional personal item with them into the airplane cabin. Over-stuffed or disorganised hand luggage is one of the leading contributors to lag time at security screening points. Checking as much of your luggage as possible saves time and hassle.


If you are applying for a refund on value-added tax (VAT) that you paid during your time in Ireland, do this in the main departures area after you check in. More information on this topic can be found in the ‘Airport Amenities’ section.

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